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Looking to share my stash with someone

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Where is that "patch" I can take with me to another machine? Can you elaborate just a little further please?

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You can make patch and send it to someone. Note this will only work for objects that generate a diff; beware of "Binary files differ" in the output.

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Your issue was submitted We'll get back to you as soon as possible. By using our site, you acknowledge that you Loking read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. PyCharm has a feature call shelve changes details i.

So if you use this IDE, proceed steps below. Other teammates will just git-pull your shelve changes and unshelve in PyCharm.

teamwork - Is using Git Stash as a workflow an antipattern? - Software Engineering Stack Exchange

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git pull - git stash and apply - Stack Overflow

Fallout Fixes and Performance Guide. Can we share our "Stash" with our teammates? My team and I were so excited about exploring, we never actually figured out a way to share supplies.

Anyone have any info on this? When you trade with friend can you set the price or is it constant?

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From what I've seen in various B. This means you can list several items for your trading partner with a 0 cap price, thus allowing you to "give" them to your trading partner for free.

Quick "TL;DR" take-away version, so one can come back later and study more. git stash hangs a stash-bag—this is a peculiar form of a merge commit that is not on any branch—on the current HEAD commit. A later git stash apply, when you're at any commit—probably a different commit—then tries to restore the changes git computes by looking at both the hanging stash-bag and the commit it. Sarah Jessica Parker announces her new fragrance Stash SJP, which comes out in the fall of , as more edgy and very different from the previous scents of her collection. She calls it the naughty, subversive sibling of her most popular fragrance Lovely (wwd). Announced as sexy and raw, Stash SJP is an aromatic-woody composition suitable for both women and men. I take issue with “cobbled together”. As someone who has studied the pre-war racers, both created here and in Europe, and who has a comprehensive library on the subject, this one appears to be purpose built by an exceptionally talented body builder.

Perks and Charisma don't factor into it when it comes to other players, just when Loooking comes to dealing with NPC vendor bots. Honestly I'm not sure. I read a post here in this subreddit of a person who accidentally received a Wanted bounty of 20 caps while he was grouped with a friend.