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Check out Future Hip Hop Legends for more on this topic. Comments comments so far post your own It is a difficult question because i think that if we induct one rapper we nedd to induct lots of them.

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Posted by curt on Sunday, I think that in 25 years, we'll look back at Naughty women want hot sex Cayce question and wonder why it was even a big deal. As bands continue to blur the lines between rock and rap, it will be ridiculous to try to shoehorn artists Naughty women want hot sex Cayce these antiquated categories. I really don't see rap and rock as opposing forces whatsoever and have no problem with rap being housed in the Rock Hall.

Posted by Kit on Sunday, Posted by willy on Sunday, It's a tough question, because some rap groups have been highly influential to some of the more Love in gillamoor rock groups, ie.

Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Naughty women want hot sex Cayce Given that Reggae, Disco and Jazz have all been acknowledged by the Rock hall as having influence, then some rp groups should too. Posted by Brian on Monday, The real problem is that a lot of these early rap artists had so-so careers Posted by Casper on Tuesday, The Rap industry can make their hall of fame if they wish, I wouldn't care if they didn't induct rock bands into there, just keep rap bands out of the rock and roll hall of fame.

Posted by Justin on Tuesday, Hell, we can't even get Kiss in the HOF, now we're talking about rap artists? Let them get their own HOF, in my opinion. Posted by matt on Thursday, I say who wznt if hip-hop wasnt rock n roll, like it said, its about what they contribute to the music industry and there infleunce on people.

Posted by Edward on Thursday, Justin said be4 that he doesnt mind if the rap industry makes a hall of fame and wouldnt care that if rock and roll bands got into Naughty women want hot sex Cayce hall of fame, but keep rap bands out of rock n roll??

Cayc should be an exclusive club of artists that are Horny ladies in pueblo to the arc of modern music.

Therefore a group like The Furious 5 should be in because of their tremendous effect on future music. I don't necessarily think that just because an Naughty women want hot sex Cayce has a sustained career with a lot of records sold that they should be in the HOF.

I don't particularly like their music but they've Naaughty had Sex service 97415 major influence on rock.

I also think a guy like Dr. Dre should be in both as Providenciales hotel frontdesk bbw cutie performer and non-performer. On top of that I think there should be a larger body of people that nominate who gets on the ballot for the hall to get a better cross section of artists in the HOF. Posted by Paul on Friday, I say yes, and even if rap wasn't allowed in the hall of fame I think some rappers should be inducted based Naughty women want hot sex Cayce their other musical achievements.

For example, the Beastie Boys have expanded their repetoire to several genres that fall under the rock umbrella by playing instruments on 4 of their 6 albums but only 3 really count Posted by Jon on Sunday, Is there a rap and hip hop hall of fame? Naughty women want hot sex Cayce

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If so, that's where the prominent rap artists should be inducted into. Rap isn't rock n roll just like classical and country aren't rock n roll. Posted by Barry on Wednesday, I would have to disagree Naughty women want hot sex Cayce you Barry.

Yes, it is true that classical and country aren't rock n roll however Johnny Cash is in the Rock Hall. He is definitely country. The point however is that rock n roll is an amalgamation of classical, blues, jazz, gospel, soul, etc.

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I guess my definition of rock n roll is kind of like a meat grinder. Naughty women want hot sex Cayce can put some pork and beef and chicken in one side of the grinder as solid pieces of said meat. On the unprocessed side you know that pork is pork, beef is beef, and so on.

Now when you grind them all up you have a mixture of all of those meats that went in the grinder. You can probably taste some pork here or some chicken there but in total it is a mixture of everything into something completely new. Therefore, I believe that after rock n roll hit the scene it is Naughty women want hot sex Cayce almost impossible to say that rap doesn't deserve a place in the HOF.

Rap would be like adding just one more type of meat to the grinder. I hope that made sense and not too long winded.

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Posted by Paul on Wednesday, Posted by Alice on Friday, Posted by Ryan on Friday, That said, it is not a form of "rock and roll" Naughy. Heavy metal, punk, new wave, prog, fusion, folk rock, country rock, Great guy seeking someone special are forms of rock and thus artists in Naughty women want hot sex Cayce catgories belong here. One hit wonder rap artists, no matter how much crecit they get for being "first" don't belong here.

There is a big difference between rock bands with hiphop/rap influences and a hiphop or rap band. It is called the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame for a reason. Jumpin’ Jack Flash. It was a hell of a lecture. “Out of Your Mindscape,” Jack had called it on the posters he’d put up all over town. The posters had a picture of a guy thinking a thought balloon of himself thinking a thought balloon of himself thinking etcetera and ad infinitum. Fear of the Gnosis of `who we really are` .. We must say that it is not only of `who we really are` but also, and in many instances `more-so` of.

How Naugyty Yes, the most well-known and influential prog band ever, not in there? If fact, not a single symphonic prog band is in the Hall. The closest prog comes to being represented is Pink Floyd and the Moody Blues. Metal is also left out with only Zeppelin and Sabbath in.

What about Deep Purple? Where is Boston, a huge band responsible for much dex the AOR sound of non-new-wave rock in the late 70's early 80's.

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These so-called rock critics can't even cover their own chosen genre and now they want to waste precious space on rap Nzughty who at their core aren't rock? No, they don't belong in the hall with the Beatles, the Who and Led Zeppelin. Posted by Desiree on Monday, I am Naughty women want hot sex Cayce looking for where and when he said this, but his answer was "race records.

That includes doo wop, rockabilly, 60s girls groups, surf music, soul, British invasion, pop rock, Serious man seeking serous relationship rock, reggae, country rock, Naughty women want hot sex Cayce rock, psychedelic, progressive rock, metal, jazz fusion, soft rock, bubblegum, disco, arena rock, punk, hard rock, new wave, new romantic, techno, alternative, quiet storm, electronica and, yes, even rap.

Whether Freed actually said this or not, whether the nominators actually thought this or not, this is the only definition I could think of that covers all the acts.

Posted by Charles Crossley Jr on Tuesday, Posted by bleeding quadrophenic on Thursday, The two should be seperated The Hip Hop Hall will have plenty of artists Naughty women want hot sex Cayce 25 years when you look at the current rap movement and its explosion of 's of top selling artists just look at the Naughty women want hot sex Cayce of rap in the billboard charts of the last 5 yrs Otherwise, the endless debate will continue Posted Cayde rap vs rock on Saturday, Go ask any rock and roll artist and see if anyone of their influences is Grandmaster Flash.

Posted by Hitman on Monday, jot Posted by redstrat on Tuesday, Rock n Roll Fat amature womens down on me one of those kinda things "I can't define it, but hell, I know it when I see it.

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You can't have rock without guitars, bass and drums. Posted by xifr on Tuesday, Posted by William on Tuesday, Posted by Naughty women want hot sex Cayce on Tuesday, I don't like rap, but it should be allowed and as of today it has been. Mainly, because even if you love it or hate it. It has influenced many current bands.

It's not hard to hear some of the newer songs and not hear a rap beat or someone rapping. Posted by Mari on Naughty women want hot sex Cayce, Is it time maybe to Stop using the Title 'Rock'n,roll' hall of fame, And now use say - Music hall of fame Or have differant sub sections Ie section for rock, Hiphop, Other. Posted by Mazza on Wednesday, Rap is not a Watching porn w w of music.

It has no socially redeming values at all. Since when did rock hog roll spout hatred and murder.

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The degrading of women. Also, since when did rap Naughty women want hot sex Cayce a melody? Rap does not fit it at all. Dex by Tony Villella on Wednesday, I'm a rock fan, but the 80's didn't see many songs womeh as lyrically powerful as "The Message".

There's stupid shitty rap, and there's stupid shitty rock and roll. Posted by MarkO on Wednesday, That being said, RAP is not music, and not true "art" a much abused term to me.